Eli Mackay Davidson

Eli Mackay Davidson
Just Arrived

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Month 1 The begining

We were well prepared, I had spent most of the summer on Ebay buying everything I could Think of including clothes,sterilizers and bottles,a Graco travel system,which turned out to last 4 weeks,This was a second-hand buggy said to have be used for only 3 months and was in excellent condition,BARGAIN I thought when I won it for £25.All I can say is beware! Coming back from the shops the wheel feel off and kept falling off all the way home.Anyway The first 2 weeks was like piccadilly circus midwives coming and going,measuring,checking weight and blood tests.Eli was a massive 8lb7oz when he was born,well massive to us having had 2 babies under 7lb8oz.
Dave took over the school run and faced endless questions from all the mums on the playground.He came back everyday with messages and well wishes.He basically did everything,while I got plenty of rest.With the kids back at school bringing home lots of lovely germs it wasn't long before Eli got a cold.He sounded like a coffee percolator because he was that stuffed up. Unfortunately you can't buy anything for newborns to help.After some research we found a few things that helped to de-congest him.
1.Elevating baby's mattress at the head end.
2.Putting baby in the bathroom while running the bath or shower.
3.Putting wet washing on the radiators to dry.
4.Taking baby out for a walk in the fresh air.
We did manage to buy some nasal spray made by Calpol which was suitable from birth,but found it to loosen the mucus and made him more snotty.So basically it was just a case of waiting till it passed.
Eli was adorable sleeping all day.Then he got hungry! We decided to feed him on demand,and demand he did every 2 hours to start with.Bless him I understand he was a growing lad but honestly.All the lovely newborn clothes I had bought only fitted for 3-4 weeks he grew so fast.Night time wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, having a last bottle at 11pm.Then wrapping him up like a bug in a little blanket,I think this is called swaddling.Eli only woke up at about 2.30am and then at 6am.So we didn't do too bad sleep-wise for the first few weeks.

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