Eli Mackay Davidson

Eli Mackay Davidson
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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Month 2 (Tears & Treatments)

Eli was overdue when he was born so he had very dry skin.We had all the lotions and baby creams.The midwife just told us to use olive oil out the cupboard,It's natural and is good for moisturising baby's skin.We used it for a while but Eli developed baby eczema, which I am told fizzles out at around 2-3yrs, also he had really bad cradle cap on his head.After speaking to the health visitor she gave us some cream called Epaderm,which we had to plaster all over him twice a day,within a week you could see the difference.His cradle cap has all gone now and his eczema is under control.He didn't much like being turned into a greasy blob,but it was for his own good.
In the early evening He would just cry and cry.Both Max and Megan has a dummy to sooth them, not our Eli he just doesn't like them,I keep trying but he just spits it out and chews his fingers instead.It turned out that Colic was the cause of the crying.He used to arch his back and then draw his knees up to his chest,all the while screaming the place down.And there was nothing we could do,Gripe water although is usually helpful it didn't do much good,so we only used it twice.All we could do is try to distract him,MTV helped but listening to a Black eyed peas song over and over sent us mad.We took it in turns to gentle rock him,and eventually he would be that tired he would go to sleep.These crying episodes when on for about 6 weeks and then they started to be less frequent,then stopped.It is really hard to cope when you're so tired but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Eli had his 6 week check with the doctor which was fine and then at 8 weeks he had his first set of injections,I was dreading taking him because of the inevitable crying.Cry he did, the look on his face was "what are you doing to me mummy"I felt so guilty,we had spent the last 8 weeks making sure no harm came to him,and here I was allowing this to happen.All i can say is it's a good job they don't remember.I had took a bottle with me so I could feed him after,which did calm him down.Only two more sets of injections to go.
On a happier note It was Eli's first Christmas he didn't have any turkey but he got snow what better present could you ask for.

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