Eli Mackay Davidson

Eli Mackay Davidson
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Month 4 (it's all happening now)

At 12 weeks old it all started to happen.Eli moved into his very own big boy cot, his feet was starting to dangle over the end of the Moses basket,we thought it was time for a upgrade.Max now had to share,now it's the 'boys room'.Our room seemed empty,he was only in the next room, but with the monitor next to my ear constantly listening,we made it through the night.It seemed like forever until the morning,but it eventually came and so did the wake up call or should i say scream."where am I, this isn't my normal ceiling?" jumping out of bed like a mad women,i managed to navigate into the boys room with my eyes half shut.It didn't take long until it was normal.Eli did and still does keep waking up at around 3am,i stopped feeding him in the night around 8-9 weeks old,it must just be habit, which eventually he'll grow out of,i hope:).Shortly after the big move Eli started to show signs of being ready for weaning, he was always looking for food,didn't sleep for very long,always chomping down on anything he could get his hands on and watching us eating.Now the guidelines say it's better to start introducing proper food at around 6 months.But we knew he was ready,a suck on a rusk here and a teaspoon of baby rice there.Like a duck to water.I bought some cow&gate jars,they all have yummy names like,granpa's sunday lunch and creamy cottage pie.Trouble is Eli didn't like them.He did love their banana porridge,and had it all the time for breakfast.Heinz choc pudding,egg custard with rice and spaghetti bollonaise went down better.And he is sleeping for longer periods of time,a good 2-3 hours at midday and again about 6-7pm.so i can tackle the ever growing mountain of ironing:)

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