Eli Mackay Davidson

Eli Mackay Davidson
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Month 6 (week 24)

Finally i've caught up with time.Eli turned 6 months old 2/05/10,half a year has gone by already,time really does fly when your having fun.Or should I say sleep deprived and rushed of your feet with an endless list of things to do! Eli got weighed last week,now a bouncy 19lb 2oz.I decided to make my first batch of veg purée. Butter-nut squash,Parsnip and sweet potato,yummy! After steaming all this lovely veg I found out the blender didn't have a fuse in it, so I had to use the potato-ricer gadget.All the while with Eli in the background letting me know,he wasn't impressed with my efforts.The kitchen looked like a bomb hit it.But after about a good hour of going backwards & forwards I managed to fill my brand new ice-cube trays and pop them in the freezer. Job done! The next day transferring these lovely little cubes to a bag wasn't as easy as I thought.I banged them on the work-top,stuck! I tried to gently ease them out with a knife,no joy! in the end I just hammered each cube out and in the process broke all three ice-cube trays!But I do learn from my mistakes,we are now the proud owners of a silicone ice-cube mould, Yay!After all this effort Eli tasted it and well he didn't seem to impressed, I think he just needs to give it another go:) It hasn't put me off torturing his taste buds in the future, I am looking forward to trying out my new mould and more challenging recipes :)

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