Eli Mackay Davidson

Eli Mackay Davidson
Just Arrived

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Month 5 (on the move)

Week 16,Eli was weighing in at 16lb 4oz, not a bad weight.He's above average size but has been since he was born,i thought he might of had a jump with all the extra food over the past 2weeks but it hasn't really affected his weight yet!In 6-9 month clothes already!He doesn't like getting dressed, especially tops.He constantly fights me, by the end i've got him vice-gripped between my legs, trying to bend he arm into the sleeve without breaking it,honestly is it worth all the struggle? roll on summer,then it will be nice weather and clothes won't really matter :).Eli was now showing signs of movement trying so hard to roll over,really putting in lots of effort.after about 2 weeks of trying he did it! Also so close to sitting up by himself, there is just a slight issue of balance,but so close it won't be long. Dave had the brainwave to do a Tesco online shop,fab idea you pick what you want,and when you want it and they bring it to your door.no more struggling to fit everything on the buggy or having to rush back because Eli wanted feeding,brilliant!And even better if you join the baby club you get sent money off vouchers/hints/tips and a magazine.Over the Easter holiday the weather was lovely so we took a family day trip on the canal,got another flat tyre on the buggy :(.Also Dave set me up accounts on Facebook,Twitter and last but not least this blog.While on Twitter i got talking to another mum who's little boy is 2 weeks younger than Eli,now we are in touch and she gave me the idea to make my own baby food.She sent me to annabel Karmel's site,it's brilliant,full of recipes and information.next month i'll give it a go i think :)

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